Live Tweeting

The concept of live tweeting was both new and confusing to me when I first started BCM325, I didn’t see the reason or benefits of doing it. However my mind has been significantly changed since week one, and I now see how beneficial this aspect is to not only further knowledge on the film we are viewing in this week, but also a great way to engage with my peers and gather different opinions on what we are viewing each week. 

Since the start of BCM325 I have learnt how to most effectively live tweet and engage with my peers. I start by looking through the weeks Moodle content, and then the night before researching the film we will be watching the next day, this is not only to gather ideas for tweets, but to also educate myself on what we will be watching and provide an overview of the storyline so that when I am distracted by researching and tweeting during the class I still have somewhat of an idea what is happening in the film.

In our first week we watched ‘Metropolis’ and I think I was a little bit overwhelmed by the concept and didn’t really engage in the research enough or communicate with my peers in a very effective way.

However, moving into week 2 I now understood the concept of live tweeting and began to research, as well as ask questions of my peers and analyse scenes in such a way that allowed for interaction. The images below show how I changed my tweets to include further sources I found, opinions I had, and humour to engage with my peers.

As the semester has continued I have become more comfortable with my tweeting, and think I have developed a good understanding of how to best engage in the class discussion whilst also providing extra resources that may be of interest.

The tweets below have been my two most interacted with tweets (it’s not many compared to others), and I think this was because I had posed a question to my peers in which I found interesting, and this then allows them to respond with their own opinion and research. I enjoy putting these types of tweets out as it allows me to pose a question to the class and gather a range of different ideas and opinions, which intern helps me to learn and engage with the film itself.

Going into the second half of the semester I think I can still improve on some aspects of my live tweeting; one being trying to engage with more of the subject content in my tweets, I have found this a bit difficult so far. Another is keeping the number of tweets I post and my interactions with peers up to the subject standard, as some weeks I get lazy.

Overall, I am enjoying the live tweeting experience in BCM325 and am excited for the rest of the semester as I look to improve my contribution and further my learning. 

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